Rattle (the R Analytical Tool To Learn Easily)  is a freely available and open source graphical user interface for Data Mining Using R, it holds use of over 100 R packages that provide most needed algorithms for the Data Scientist.

Rattle provides Gnome (RGtk2) based interface to R functionality for Data Mining.The aim to provide simple and intutive interface that allows end users to quickly load data in the form of csv files(or even ODBC), transform and explore data, evalute models in their own way .Rattle also allows user to export models as PMML(Predictive Modelling Markup Language ).

A very important feature of Rattle is that all functionality accessed via graphical user interface are captured as a structured R script which can be run indepently of Rattle whenever required.




You can always latest beta versions are always available from within R console:

>install.packages("rattle", repos="", type="source") 

Here I am going to detail how to install Rattle package from R studio
1. Open Rstudio

2.Go to menu View on the menu bar and select Show Packages


3)Then go to packages and then click on install button


4)On clicking on Install a small window will open

(i)Install from:Repository(CRAN)

(ii)Packages : rattle

(iii)Install to Library:(leave it to default setting)

(iv)Tick install dependencies and hit on Install


5)Again go to Packages and Search for rattle and put a tick in front of it.


6)Type rattle() on the R console and hit enter

Now in R console all the dependencies needed will be shown and install them accordingly

example :Rgtk2 package

After peforming above steps you will see the following window of rattle asking for some dependencies to download


Some of the following dependencies rattle will suggest you to install through the dialogue box

Download all dependencies for full fledged usage of Rattle .If some error persist then use command line method to install dependencies.

for example:




Here I have shown installation of XML package through command line .

If there is error while downloading through the dialogue box ,then use command line procedure . This procedure is applicable for all dependencies.

Use the following command to download dependencies in case it do not happen with dialogue box


If there comes an error such as following:
configuration failed for package ‘XML’
* removing
Warning in install.packages :
installation of package ‘XML’ had non-zero exit status
The downloaded source packages are in
Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘XML

this indicates you don’t have xml libraries to install,so first run these commands on terminal

->sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev

->sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

And then go back to R console and run the command again


Type rattle() in the R console and following window will appear.


We have finally installed rattle with all the dependencies.