As my system was running very slow,so I tried to find the reason.I found compiz and xorg are the main culprits for excessive usage of the CPU.

How to correct compiz.

Step 1: Open terminal <Alt +Ctrl +tab>

Step 2:Type the following line in the terminal to install compiz.

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-extra -y


Step 3:To enable effect you can use CCSM .OPen CCSM by first pressing ‘Dash Home key(A key on the keyboard with window logo)’ and then type CCSM and click the the icon as shown in the image below.


Step 4: Click the icon following CompizConfigSettingManager will open


Step 5: Now ‘Effects’ section and then goto ‘animation’ and disable all the effects you see.


Disable all the effects you see below.

cssm4Step 6: Now go to the last tab you see called ‘Effect Setting’ and there set ‘Animation Time Step’ to 1 which is by default set to 16.


Step 1:Now click the back button and come to ‘General Setting section’ and now go to ‘OpenGL’ .

ccsm6Set Texture Filter to ‘fast’.


Doing above stuff is enough to make your system fast.You can also install ‘Ubuntu tweak to clear cache and remove unneeded packages as well.

Step 1:Install Ubuntu tweak from  ‘’ .

After downloading Ubuntu Tweak open it to download it from Ubuntu Software Manager.

Step 2: Open it now .


Step 3: Goto ‘Desktop’ section and click on ‘Unity’


Step 2: Now check Tweaks ->blur Type and Panel Opacity setting.


Step 3:Now go to ‘Janitor’ and clear all the cache needed.


And that’s all folks you need to make your system fast.

Enjoy working on newly fast system !