It is almost a week ago when Jamia Millia Islamia graciously hosted the Mozilla WOMOZ Event at Seminar Hall of TPO.  It was the first event that was hosted for girls. Thank you all for your interest and thereby making it a success.

It wouldn’t have been possible if the whole community of Mozpacers and the FSAs from Jamia were not so enthusiastic and of course the students without whom we wouldn’t have been able to make it a success.

I wanted the girls of Jamia to participate and contribute to open source. Being a FSA I fully utilized my position and contacts. I contacted Pushpita FSA(Firefox Ambassador and also a Mozpacer), whom I met during one of the conferences that I attended. Her enthusiasm and interest resonated our ideas and we put all are gravitas to actually organize first Womoz event at Jamia.


I am very thankful to our respected faculty. Our head of the Department, Tanvir Ahmad sir  always supported me and even helped in arranging the seminar hall for the event.

When I met Mozilla team they were equally excited as I was to see the crowd who showed up for the event.

For your eyeball pleasure I’ve included the photos below which we could capture, along with a brief description.


Bhuvnesh (core member) kicked off the fiesta by the prelude session Introduction to FOSS and Mozilla. As always many of us dropped their head on thinking of formal boring introduction but Bhuvnesh separated signals from noise and by just going direct got all our attention and instilled gravitas.

I thank him especially for this hilarious introduction to seize the students who were leaving for their lectures (regular classes were going on).


Next session on Introduction to WOMOZ was presented by Pushpita, Womoz community current member. She talked of future aspects and how girls can contribute both technically and non technically to open source community like Mozilla. She also talked about the future of community with or without women. She focused more on how girls, who are not from technical background, can contribute in projects like editing articles, content writing and documenting the Mozilla websites.


Then came the session for Web devotees ‘Webmaker’ by Saurabh and Kanika . It was a hand on session on Webmaker open source tool. Both presented the session well, the only problem was unplanned slow wifi. They carried the session to the final milestone on their laptops and alongside approaching every student whoever was facing problem. It was a great session. We scratched our heads thinking about our 3rd year project of website making, which could have been completed within two days using Webmaker rather than our 3-4 months time which we took. Huh!

Now we have got the spell to design any website as per our desire. For fun we tried to convert linkedIn to some other language. I remember it sounded so funny that the whole hall roared with laughter.

They continued giving a boost to our enthusiasm. They introduced X-Ray Goggles, a tool by Mozilla which makes it easy to see and remix the code behind your favorite web pages. The best part of it is that you don’t need any prior coding experience! Just activate Goggles, click on a section and edit. Then, share your remixes with others.

Overall it was a great learning experience. Thanks Saurabh and Kanika for such a great session.


The penultimate session on Bugzilla was given by Vipin. He demonstrated how people like us can contribute and solve the bugs on Mozilla firefox. He was truly representing the power we students hold to keep alive a browser that has power to compete with other browsers which are owned by bigger companies and developed by experienced people. Many attendees were looking for contributing technically to Mozilla, he just added another feather to it. Thanks Vipin.


Four hours just flew in air and ultimate session was still left. It was 2 pm and therefore the time to leave the seminar hall. I requested the in-charge of other event to give us half an hour more, fortunately seeing the fire of the session he agreed.

It was a fast paced session on Web Security. Kunal talked about vulnerability and security issues on web and how a student can contribute, learn and solve that. He shared many websites, online courses and tutorials for people to explore who were interested in details. He also shared one point which I liked the most- “It’s more powerful to build than to destroy“. So he encouraged everyone to learn vulnerabilities and issues and try to solve them.

Thanks Kunal for such a great session.

Then we wrapped up hurriedly as we already crossed the allotted time.

This event was well attended by more than 50 students. Jamia Millia Islamia is always generous and open enough to facilitate and host events like Mozilla Womoz. The Mozilla Community was so impressed by the response that they finally asked students if they are interested in more core sessions on technology in future, and we jumped up high. We are now waiting for the next event. Thanks Mozilla for coming to JMI and encouraging, motivating and inspiring us to contribute to open source.


Finally, one important thanks for all the goodies that we got.